Thursday, January 20, 2011

Megyn Kelly tells Mike Huckabee he is in the Number One Position

While Mike Huckabee sits down with Megyn Kelly and discusses repealing the Health Care bill, Megyn slips in the question: Would you really take on President Obama in 2012 when so many people are predicting that whoever the GOP puts up in that year will be the sacrificial lamb?

* Health Care Repeal-force a vote in the senate
* Bill is fundamentally flawed
* Good leaders don't make decisions based on what the current poll is because polls are so very fluid and they can change dramatically in the course of a day or two.
* Constitutional question about the Health Care bill
* Long term fiscal impact at the federal and at the state level
* Talks about running against the incumbent President Obama 
* Huckabee's book shelf in his Christmas ad
* Congressman Cohen's Nazi remarks
* Alaska Freedom Cruise in June 2011

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