Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mike Huckabee in the News

Public Policy Polling

Huckabee's the best bet for now

January 4, 2011 by Tom Jensen

Mike Huckabee's the only one of the top Republicans who has the combination of electability and base appeal it's going to take to beat Barack Obama.... A lot will change over the course of 2011 but at least based on the information we have so far Huckabee looks like the GOP's best bet.


Why Mike Huckabee is worth watching 

January 4, 2011 by Stewart J. Lawerence

But the real secret to Huckabee's polling strength may lie in a surprising development: his growing popularity with women, including independents....Since launching his new talkshow in 2008, he's gone out of his way to woo female voters through a series of high-profile interviews with former vice-presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro, actor Whoopi Goldberg, columnist Arianna Huffington and, most famously, Michelle Obama. And in contrast to other conservative talkshow hosts, who usually do their best to embarrass their liberal guests, Huckabee has sought common ground with his interviewees.....If nothing else, Huckabee's ability to bridge bedrock conservatives to a much broader constituency, including more moderate evangelicals, could make him an irresistibly appealing GOP vice-presidential candidate.

Caffeinated Thoughts  
January 4, 2011 by David Shedlock 

If Malkin wants governors to mind their own business when it comes to school lunches, she needs to add former Governor Sarah Palin, and Texas Governor Rick Perry to her list of nannies....Governor Huckabee on the other hand, resisted federal mandates(!) with his ARKids First alternate plan called “Arkid B”.   Surely how politicians actually governed is more important than statements about President Obama’s wife, Michelle.

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