Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cillizza thinks Mike Huckabee has the most to gain in Sarah Palin misstep

In the Fix Face-off, Cillizza think Huckabee has the most to gain from Sarah Palin misstep. 

For those of you who like Chris Cillizza from the Washington Post, click here to watch his video. Conversation about Mike Huckabee comes in at the 5:20 mark. Otherwise here is a recap of what was said:

The Question was asked of Cillizza: Who will capitalize more on Sarah Palin's misstep, Mike Huckabee or Mike Pence?

Cillizza: "Huckabee can gain more easily. He is right there with Palin on the tea party/evangelical tea partiers. I think he could gain there. We have a tendency to write off Huckabee a little too quickly. This is a guy who is ahead in Iowa, has demonstrated appeal in some of these early states. If he runs he will be a serious person.  He does not run an orthodox campaign-he doesn't have a big campaign operation, he doesn't raise a lot of money. Palin is right there in the mix too and she doesn't run a traditional campaign. I do think Huckabee for the moment, but keep an eye on Pence. He and Rick Santorum have the potential to surprise, not necessarily win the nomination, but surprise in how well they perform."

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