Friday, January 7, 2011

Mike Huckabee in the News

The Right Kind of Elitism 
Jan 7, 2011  by Michael Medved

No one, for instance, questions the presidential qualifications of Mike Huckabee -- despite the fact that the former pastor's evangelical Christian commitment is every bit as fervently outspoken as Palin's, and his undergraduate degree (from Ouachita Bible University) is no more prestigious than Palin's communications B.A. from the University of Idaho.

Huckabee, however, served 10 years as governor of his state (and three prior years as lieutenant governor) and in his eight books, weekly TV broadcasts on Fox News and innumerable public debates he demonstrates a mastery of public issues and political ideas that impresses even those who disagree with him.

Huckabee's example indicates that the populist instinct is correct in disregarding the idea that a Yale or Harvard education is a necessary prerequisite for national leadership, but it goes wrong if it suggests that blue chip academic credentials should count as a disqualification of any kind.

Only Huckabee among the Republicans is viewed favorably by a plurality of voters in the state of Pennsylvannia, Gingrich and Palin both way under water.

PPP (D) Pennsylvania 2012 Presidential Survey

    * Barack Obama 47%
    * Mike Huckabee 44%

Among Independents

    * Barack Obama 49%
    * Mike Huckabee 37%

Among Conservatives

    * Mike Huckabee 75%
    * Barack Obama 15%

Among Moderates

    * Barack Obama 59%
    * Mike Huckabee 32%

Among Men

    * Mike Huckabee 49%
    * Barack Obama 44%

Among Women

    * Barack Obama 49%
    * Mike Huckabee 40%

Favorable / Unfavorable {Net}

    * Mike Huckabee 39% / 36% {+3%}

Among Republicans

    * Mike Huckabee 62% / 19% {+43%}

Among Conservatives

    * Mike Huckabee 60% / 16% {+44%}

And if you are a Ted Nugent fan, tune into the Huckabee show, as Ted Nugent will be a guest.

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