Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meghan McCain's unfounded attack on Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee was a guest on Redeye with Greg Gutfeld.  Gutfeld asked Mike Huckabee his thoughts on Meghan McCain's attack of Michele Bachmann. Being the gentleman that he is, Mike Huckabee defends Michele Bachmann while not commenting on McCain.

Meghan McCain tweeted this : McCainBlogette Meghan McCain
Governor Huckabee you are a former candidate for President and now you spend your time criticizing me on a show that airs on fox at 2am.

To which Greg Gutfeld replied: greggutfeld GregGutfeld
.@McCainBlogette actually huck didn't criticize u. he was far more gracious than u have been to Bachman, Palin, Malkin, etc. #redye

As we listen to the tape, we can clearly see that Mike Huckabee defends Michele Bachmann while not discussing Meghan McCain.  It is the other guests who talk about McCain, not Mike Huckabee.

We can see from a past question on Meghan McCain that it is not in Mike Huckabee's nature to criticize her.  Here we have another instance where Mike Huckabee defends the conservative principles of the Republican party without going after Meghan McCain.

We know from history that Meghan McCain is not a fan of Mike Huckabee because she finds him too socially conservative for her tastes. I am sure we will see more comments from her regarding Mike Huckabee when he announces that he is running for POTUS.  Hopefully next time she will have her facts straight.

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