Monday, January 10, 2011

Mike Huckabee starts off New Year topping the polls

The horserace for 2012 has yet to start, but Mike Huckabee begins the year doing very well in the polls:

Gov. Mike Huckabee enjoys the highest net-favorable rating with 30% amongst  Republicans according to the most recent Gallup Poll:

Even though Palin tops in name recognition, Huckabee is still most favored:

Huckabee tops Iowa Poll 

According to the GOP Neighborhood Research, Mike Huckabee received the support of  24 percent of Republicans saying they are “very likely” or “definite” that they will participate in the 2012 caucuses. Mitt Romney trails Huckabee with 19% support, and Palin receives 11%.

As for second choice options, Huckabee again leads with 36%, Romney follows with 28% and Palin with 22%. 

Third choice options, Huckabee still leads with 41%, Romney follows with 32%, and Palin with 27%.

As to favorabilities: Huckabee leads with +53, Palin follows with +25, and Romney with +25.

All in all, Huckabee is off to a great start.

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