Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Are you ready for Huckabee vs Obama in 2012?

Mike Huckabee ponders 2012

The Governor has Obama impersonator Reggie Brown on Huckabee

Obama worries about running against Huckabee in 2012

While Gov Huckabee has not made a decision on whether or not he will run, he tells Brian Kilmeade his thoughts on running against Obama.

K: As an outside observer, I saw that you, outside John McCain, would have gotten the nomination. You came out of nowhere, got some celebrity and political insiders on board.

H: I don't just quote the company line of the RNC and I am not going to. What gave me credibility? When I thought they were right I was with them, but when I thought their language was astute and elite-I called them out on it.

K: In response to the Peter Baker quote on Obama VS Huckabee in 2012

H: It was an interesting and startling assessment on their part. I can't tell you right now if I am going to make a run at it. I simply don't know. 2010 is more important than 2012 because if Republicans are able to get a majority in the house and even in the Senate, than it doesn't matter what Obama wants to do. Now there will be a brake system in place and Obama won't be able to push a radical agenda.

H: I wanted corporate boards to regulate company CEO salaries, not government regulation.

K: What has hurt Obama? Obama a one term president?
H: 1. Obama has surrounded himself with ideaniks, not necessarily people who practical experience in how to run businesses and how the economy works. 2. Obama blames Bush. People are tired of the excuses. People want Obama to act like an executive.

K: Do you think Obama will be touch to beat in 2012? H: Yes-the good news for Republicans in 2010 is the good news for the Democrats in 2012.

K: Will that make you not want to run? H: It ought to be an ideas game, not a money game.