Thursday, March 31, 2011

Head to Head: Mike Huckabee ties Obama, has Huge Lead over Obama amongst Independents

New polling out today shows Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama tied, with all other GOP candidates trailing.  What is most interesting in this poll, is Mike Huckabee's huge lead over Obama amongst Independents.  The key to winning the election in 2012 will be winning over those independents who swung to Obama in 2008.  Looks like Mike Huckabee already has a head start.

2012 Presidential Survey

    * Mike Huckabee 46%
    * Barack Obama 46%

    * Barack Obama 44%
    * Mitt Romney 43%

    * Barack Obama 46%
    * Chris Christie 40%

    * Barack Obama 48%
    * Tim Pawlenty 34%

    * Barack Obama 52%
    * Newt Gingrich 37%

    * Barack Obama 54%
    * Sarah Palin 34%

Among Independents

    * Mike Huckabee 49%
    * Barack Obama 40%

    * Chris Christie 43%
    * Barack Obama 40%

    * Barack Obama 45%
    * Mitt Romney 44%

    * Barack Obama 45%
    * Newt Gingrich 40%

    * Barack Obama 41%
    * Tim Pawlenty 33%

    * Barack Obama 52%
    * Sarah Palin 34%

In addition to the head to head matchups, Fairleigh Dickinson asked this question:

In 2012 there will be an election for President of the United States. To run as the Republican candidate for President, who would you prefer?

Among Republicans & GOP-Leaning Independents

    * Mike Huckabee 21%
    * Mitt Romney 19%
    * Chris Christie 11%
    * Sarah Palin 11%
    * Newt Gingrich 8%
    * Tim Pawlenty 5%
    * Unsure/Other 23%

Survey of 800 registered voters nationwide was conducted March 21-28, 2011. The margin of error is +/- 3.5 percentage points.

H/T The Argo Journal for compilation of data

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mike Huckabee and Van Jones Share Stage at Student Summit

Mike Huckabee and Van Jones shared Summit stage.

Mike Huckabee has his finger on the pulse of America. How does he do it? By being willing to engage in all environments, willing to speak about core issues that are important to him, and reaching out to citizens who may disagree with him on these issues. Huckabee did just that on Sunday speaking as a guest panelist at the State of the Student Summit in Florida. He shared the stage with Van Jones-someone whose policy ideas Mike Huckabee has spoken out against on his Huckabee show. But the exchange was cordial-with both panelists debating without attacking one another.

What might have been just as interesting is what happened off stage with the students. Twitter was fast paced with questions directed to the moderator in hopes of that question being asked on stage. Tweets about what the panelists stated were fast and furious. Huckabee received admiration from students for sticking to his beliefs, defending his role at Fox News, and maintaining a calm demeanor during the discussion. Check out some of the student tweets:

brothaben Benjamin Evans III
@GovMikeHuckabee actually changed my views on him at the #studentsummit ... not all republicans are right and not all democrats are wrong!

JGood863 Jaronn Goodman
"You need to be an employer not an employee when it comes to the government" -Gov. Huckabee #StudentSummit

Bridge_JoQuita Bridge_JoQuita
Yes Huckabee! @studentsummit #studentsummit

5Alarms A. Galloway
As I said before I don't necessarily agree with Huckabee but I respect him #studentsummit

ChocolatBabiii kiana shackelford
Huckbee cool with me #studentsummit

NardoFaSho Kenard Stevens
Mike Huckabee is the realist person on the panel #StudentSummit

spankinstephiee Stephanie Smalling
Huckabee just grilled those people that make comments and don't put their face & name behind it! I agree! #studentsummit

JLOVE88AD Jasmine Davis
Mike Huckabee if u have somethin to say, dnt hide behind a blog show yo face! #studentsummit

LaBelleSimone Chelsea S. Herron
I agree!!! "Stand up or shut up!" - Gov. Huckabee #StudentSummit

LeenBean_ Beans.
Much respect to Gov Huckabee for being an honest man. #studentsummit

EtiologyOfRich Richard Melson, Jr.
Go Gov. Hucklebee #studentsummit The moderators arguments has just bottomed out

AmyDerringer Amy Leigh Derringer
Thank you @govmikehuckabee. Much respect. #studentsummit

5Alarms A. Galloway
I may disagree with Huckabee but he knows how to defend his position therefore he gets my respect #studentsummit

B3autifulBliss Christina W.
RT @iAMNels1 Huckabee is winning the crowd over!!! Watch out Obama! Jk jk jk #studentsummit

Bridge_JoQuita Bridge_JoQuita
Huckabee has a lot of valid points @studentsummit #studentsummit

fsukd Samantha Harper
I love @govmikehuckabee and @foxnews #studentsummit

LeenBean_ Beans.
RT @Ambz32: Mike Huckabee's words are speaking volumes right now #studentsummit

JLOVE88AD Jasmine Davis
Mike Huckabee gets my support! Politicians care about voters, not the ppl that gripe and complain and chose not to vote to change it

larae9411 LaRae Donnellan
#studentsummit Huckabee says politicians don't respond to citizens but to voters. Maybe true but very sad. Who responds to the powerless?

TimStrawFSU Tim Chalumeau
Mike Huckabee may be Republican but I respect his opinions #enlightened

rattlersteve Stephen Okon
Man gov huckabee spoke so much truth jus now. People really needed to really listen to him

jshaw929 Jessica Shaw
I Like this huckabee dude @ #studentsummit Right on huckabee! y he didn't win his presidential race

JGood863 Jaronn Goodman
Gov. Huckabee is a wise man #StudentSummit

savetheBULLshxt tenacious dei
Huckabee spoke the truth ,, we won't succeed if we're tryin to make others fail all the time .

ONLY1_Khin Khin♡
"We get into the game of winning or losing, and we don't solve the problems." -Mike Huckabee #studentsummit

KrysieDee Krystal Smith
Mike Huckabee for President!!!

breezym26 Betty Marcelin
First in my family to go to college and I wish one day I can make outstanding changes for my family just like Huckabee #StudentSummit!

_thecableguy Larry Bowden
Even though im a democrat it's still cool to see Mike Huckabee at #StateoftheStudentSummit11

Precision_Hawk TayVon Hawkins
Have a safe flight Governor Huckabee and thanks for coming to the #studentsummit

Mike Huckabee is aware of the new technology and how it can affect a political campaign. Mike Huckabee uses twitter as well and retweeted Van Jones tweet:  

VanJones68 Van Jones
by GovMikeHuckabee
.@GovMikeHuckabee made me proud tonight 2B fellow person of faith + fellow patriot. We disagreed respectfully. The American way! #tcot #p2

Now he might get a lot of grief from far right bloggers and radio hosts, but this goes to the strength of Mike Huckabee's candidacy for president.  Mike Huckabee will listen to all sides of the story, bring in both Democrats and Republicans to hash out ideas for policy solutions.  Mike Huckabee would be a President to All Americans.  Not just those that agree with him.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mike Huckabee on President Obama's Lack of Leadership in the Middle East

Mike Huckabee sat down with Fox News Insider and discussed Obama's lack of leadership on Libya and the Middle East.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mike Huckabee continues to Lead in Gallup Polling

Mike Huckabee continues to lead amongst Republican candidates for 2012.  Gallup Polling shows Mike Huckabee continually gaining, while Romney and Palin are trending downward.

2012 Republican Nomination Survey

* Mike Huckabee 19%  {18%}  [16%]  [(12%)
* Mitt Romney 15% {16%} [19%] (19%)
* Sarah Palin 12% {16%} [16%] (16%)
* Newt Gingrich 10% {9%} [13%] (9%)
* Ron Paul 6% {5%} [6%] (7%)
* Michele Bachmann 5% {4%}
* Mitch Daniels 4% {3%} [1%] (2%)
* Tim Pawlenty 3% {3%} [4%] (3%)
* Haley Barbour 2% {3%} [4%] (3%)
* Jon Huntsman 2% {1%}
* Rick Santorum 2% {2%} [1%] (2%)
* Gary Johnson 2% {1%} [1%] (1%)
* Donald Trump (vol.) 1%
* Other 2% {3%} [2%] (4%)
* None/No opinion 15% {14%} [14%] (19%)

Survey of 1,082 Republicans and Republican-leaning independents was conducted March 18-22, 2011. The margin of error is +/- 4 percentage points. Results from the poll conducted February 18-20, 2011 are in curly brackets. Results from the poll conducted November 13-14, 2010 are in square brackets. Results from the poll conducted September 25-26, 2010 are in parentheses.

H/T The Argo Journal for compilation of data

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The New York Times played games with Mike Huckabee's New Policy Book

The race for 2012 hasn't officially begun and the left is already playing games to help President Obama. Mike Huckabee's book was moved from the "hardcover nonfiction best-sellers list" to the "advice and how-to classification" where it placed number two on the list. Now why would Mike Huckabee's A Simple Government book not be placed on the same best seller list that his previous books had been on in the past? Dick Morris sat down with Bill O'Reilly and tossed about reasons for the game playing.

The key to why the shenanigans took place is that these conservative books will be moved from the front of the store-the prime marketing location-to the back of the store where the how to/cookbooks are stashed away. Would you be looking for Mike Huckabee's new book in the back of the store when last time it was with all the best sellers? Neither Dick Morris's book nor Mike Huckabee's book is a "how to" book. Unless, like Dick Morris said in the video, that people want to know "How To Defeat President Obama."

So why is the New York Times trying to hide away Mike Huckabee's successful policy book? Could it be because those close to the White House fear Mike Huckabee winning the Republican nomination and winning the White House? Rick Klein of ABC 'World News'  expressed this in his interview with Greta VanSustern-Someone who can scramble the electoral map, make a different appeal than a typical Republican.  Well, Mike Huckabee's new policy book clearly makes a different appeal.  And Mike Allen of Politico reported that Obama advisors expect Obama to run against Huckabee. Well then I guess that is why the Times tried to kneecap Huckabee's book. 

William Kelly of Big Journalism reported today that Mike Huckabee's book was moved back to the Best Seller List with A Simple Government coming in at number 5 on the list. Wasn't it convenient that his book was switched in the middle of his book tour? Will this have a negative impact on his book sales? William Kelly suggests that it was done "by those on the left to suppress and censor conservative political thought." But the NYT's flip flopped- "Spurred on by articles in Newsmax and the conservative blogosphere, news of the Times’ attempt to “cook the books” has spread. Last week, book-lovers everywhere began their revolt. With Times’ editors inundated with email complaints, conservative scored a partial victory this weekend when Huckabee’s “A Simple Government” was reclassified again on the hardcover non-fiction best-sellers list at #5." Unfortunately, Dick Morris's book has not been moved back as of yet. Perhaps a few more emails need to be sent.

But I agree with Dick Morris. Mike Huckabee's book is a "how to" book. Mike Huckabee lays out a clear plan for how to bring America back from the brink of economic/social/foreign policy destruction.  Mike Huckabee does not attack Barack Obama personally in this book. But he does go after his policies and offers alternatives that all of America can get behind.

Check out this review of A Simple Government written by David Shedlock of Caffeinated Thoughts:

Governor Mike Huckabee's Simple Government: Twelve Things We Really Need from Washington (and a Trillion That We Don't) will be released on George Washington's birthday, February 22nd.

Of twelve chapters, one is devoted exclusively to border security and immigration policy. There Huckabee uses statistic after statistic to show that Barack Obama has reduced border security and reminds us that the president stopped building the fence. But it isn't just illegal immigration that Huckabee tackles. In fact, it is immigration policy that elicits Huckabee to use a quote from George Washington. We as a nation have the right and duty to encourage only the kind of immigrants that will benefit us, and quotes Washington saying that we don't need to encourage immigration "except of useful mechanics and some particular descriptions of men or professions". Throughout the book it is clear that Huckabee is his own man. The fact that we should only allow certain kinds of immigrants, isn't politically correct, but it is Huckabee's position.

As I show in this review, Huckabee doesn't shy away from controversy and we get some policy ideas we hadn't heard before. It is clear from the beginning, Huckabee is not playing politics as usual.

The very first chapter answers the charge that social conservatives are inimical to smaller government, forcing some into thinking they have to become libertarians to be consistent. Not so. He shows that focusing on social issues will reduce the reach of government because "the so-called dad deficit added more than $300 billion to the national deficit in 2010 because of welfare payments to moms." This is his pastor's call to point out that without morality no amount of government can rescue us from our problems. Government can't fix what ails us, though if often contributes to that sickness. Known for memorable zingers, his best line in that chapter is "beware the government bearing gifts, because every one of them comes with strings attached. Over time those strings grow into heavy chains".

Chapter two discusses local government and state government, and Huckabee makes the case that the closer to home the government, the more accountable it can be held.

In the first quarter of 2009, for the first time in our history, the federal government became the largest source of revenue for state and local governments. Almost prescient about the current happenings in Wisconsin, Huckabee reminds his readers how President Obama basically blackmailed Arnold Schwarzenegger by threatening to take away stimulus money from California unless he gave into demands of the public employee's union SEIU. When states grow dependent on federal aid, all kinds of bad things happen: the federal response to the BP oil spill in the gulf is given as a prime example.

He takes a shot at getting more government involvement in health care and says that while states have the right to experiment: "We were to learn from RomneyCare, not Xerox it into federal law"

There is not a lot new in the health care chapter that he has not said already. He believes the bigger problem is poor health and not health care. Third payer parties in health treatment are the reason costs are so high for treatment. Huckabee wants a return to the original purpose of insurance: covering catastrophic illnesses.

The lion's share is devoted to foreign policy, diplomacy, and the fight against terrorism. He also answers the charge that he is a liberal who is too chummy with Obama.

Since foreign policy took such a back seat during the 2008 election cycle, Governor Huckabee's approach to it is not as well known, and he therefore devotes three chapters to it in the book. In the first of these chapters on the bullies of terrorism, he castigates Obama for downplaying both the whole notion of terrorism in general and Islamic fascism in particular. In particular, the Obama administration has refused to tie the shootings of our soldiers (and an unborn child) at Fort Hood to terrorism. Also, it seems the bureaucracies that slow down our efforts still exist and the focus is only on terrorism "over there".

Huckabee believes we've forgotten the lessons of both 1993 (the first World Trace Center bombings) and September 11th. The most moving part of the book (can a policy book be moving!) was when Huckabee draws on the memory of 9/11 hero Rick Rescorla. Years of preparedness between 1993 and 2001 helped Rescorla rescue hundreds of Morgan Stanley workers from the World Trade Center. It is that kind of foresightedness and diligence we need as a nation.

In the name of political correctness we have hamstrung our military, putting our soldiers at greater risk by emphasizing "winning the hearts and minds" of the enemy rather than "killing people and breaking things?" In Iraq and Afghanistan, our men and women in uniform have spent too much time building schools and not enough time seeking out and killing Islamic extremists. Huckabee implies we need greater number of recruits in our ranks, not less, as is the current plan. We come to rely too heavily on National Guard. And he goes after Obama's foolish timeline.

Huckabee makes clear one position. One section is called Don't Ask, Don't Tell...Don't Serve" (DADTDS) and while DADT was bad, its abolition makes things worse. We should have never allowed the recruitment of homosexuals to the military in the first place. In 1993 it was not allowed until Bill Clinton brought us DADT. It destroys morale and particularly offends conservatives who serve in the military. This includes the brass, too.

Another criticism of Huckabee is that he is afraid to criticize Obama, as if they were best buds. But in A Simple Government, Governor Huckabee takes him on full throttle, especially in the area of diplomacy. There is lots of bad news when it comes to Obama's "smart diplomacy." Our enemies not only don't get along with us, they mock us at every turn. Obama insults our allies, too, as Huckabee reminds us of the incident at the beginning of his administration when Obama sent back the bust of Winston Churchill that was given to us by the British. He thinks that Obama is more concerned about his own history than the history of our own great nation. Huckabee is a strong believer in American Exceptionalism which Obama rejects it out of hand. Huckabee points out that when other nations build border fences it is usually to keep people from running away, we have to build one to keep them from flooding in. There is one positive for Obama's foreign policy, though:

"Among nations that are traditionally anti-American, President Obama still enjoys high approval ratings. Why am I not surprised?"

After describing Obama's suggestion that we don't need to instill fear in the rest of the world, Huckabee asks" why not?"

"Theodore Roosevelt believed that the way to command the world's respect was to "speak softly and carry a big stick". Other presidents have chosen to speak loudly and carry a big stick. But this is the first president who believes you can command the respect of rogue nations by apologizing and throwing away the stick".

There is a lengthy discussion of Obama's rude treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and his abandonment of many policies in support of Israel that date back decades. Particularly, the idea that Israel can't build settlements is disdained.

Chapter three deals with deficit spending and is entitled "You Can't Spend What You Don't Have". He argues that we should abolish the rule that say cuts to certain kinds of spending are off-limits. He suggests that all spending be considered discretionary and he is not afraid to tackle the so-called the third-rail of politics, Social Security. It was not initially intended to be used for long retirements because payments didn't kick in until after the age of life expectancy which was about 60 in 1935.

There is a lot more here. See other reviews of the the book.


The book is a fairly quick read with those wanting more depth encouraged to research the ample footnotes, arranged by page in a simple format. There is plenty of news in here, and plenty of controversy. But I don't think you will find any political posturing. He simply tells us the way he sees it, in simple terms.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mike Huckabee: Steer for the Curve Ahead

Mike Huckabee was the keynote speaker at the Harris County Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner in Houston Texas. He ended his speech with a sense of urgency as well as optimism.

"If we are going to be successful, to give our kids the life we want them to have.  It starts not with the next election. It starts now.  It doesn't start with their generation.  It starts with us.  It starts when we decide that we will steer for the curve ahead.  When we do, we will save this great Republic. We will give our kids the pathway to the greatest America it's ever known before.  That's why its worth fighting for. That's why it's worth saving for. Join us in the fight and lets make it happen!"

H/T Citizen Watchdogs for live streaming the video

Polling shows Mike Huckabee turning 2012 GOP Map 'Huckabee Republican'

Out of the 34 states that have been polled since the midterms – Mike Huckabee has won 17 states (one half of all the states that have been polled) PLUS he’s tied for 1st place in two additional states.

34 states have been polled since the midterm elections. Most of them were polled by Public Policy Polling. Included are polls done for Utah by Deserett News/KSL, the more recent poll done for Michigan by Strategic National, and the poll done for Georgia by 20/20 Insight – Romney won the polls in Utah and Michigan and Huckabee won the poll in Georgia.

Huckabee has won the most recent polls in 17 states plus tied for 1st in 2 (AK, FL, GA, IA, IL, KY, MO, NC, NE, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WI, WV plus ties for 1st in NJ and ME)

Romney has won the most recent polls in 10 states plus tied for 1st in 1 (AZ, CA, CO, CT, MA, MI, NH, NV, RI, UT plus tie for 1st in NJ)

Palin has won the most recent polls in 4 states (MT, NM, SD, WA)

Pawlenty has won the most recent polls in 1 state (MN)

Gingrich has won a tie for 1st in 1 state among the most recent polls (ME)

Out of the 34 states that have been polled since the midterms – Huckabee has won 17 states (one half of all the states that have been polled) PLUS he’s tied for 1st place in two additional states.

Map and data created, compiled and analyzed by GrannyT posted here with permission.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mike Huckabee liked Best by Fox News Viewers

1. Mike Huckabee 45%/26% for +19%.

2. Sarah Palin 53%/37% for +16%.

3. Mitt Romney 40%/36% for +4%.

4. Newt Gingrich 41%/39% for +2%.

5. Barack Obama 27%/68% for -41%.

H/T GOP12 for data compilation

Those numbers are particularly problematic for Romney and Gingrich, it's hard to imagine someone taking the GOP Presidential nomination with only narrowly positive favorability numbers among Fox News viewers.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Who does the White House Fear the Most in 2012? Mike Huckabee

Rick Klein of ABC "World News" sat down with Greta VanSustern and discussed the potential 2012 candidates. Greta asked, "Who do you think they (the White House) fears most tonight? Rick Klein answers, "I think there's a lot of concern about what the kind of candidate that Mike Huckabee would be potentially."

GV:   Have they begun to get ready for 2012?
RK:   Very Much, staffing up in Chicago

RK:   Game planning out a lot of the the potential opponents. Praise for Mitt Romney and Praise for Jon Huntsman. Killing them with kindness strategy on Romney and Huntsman.

GV:   "Who do you think they (the White House) fears most tonight?
RK:    "I think there's a lot of concern about what the kind of candidate that Mike Huckabee would be potentially."

RK:   Someone who can scramble the electoral map, make a different appeal than a typical Republican.

H/T  ColoradoMom4Huckabee

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mike Huckabee has Successful Second Swing through Texas

Mike Huckabee is known for getting up early and the daylight savings time change did not set him back. Early Sunday morning, Mike Huckabee spoke at two First Baptist Dallas services. His speech was met with large crowds and great enthusiasm.

Dallas News reported:
Jim Dunkin, 68, stated Huckabee’s speech was “fantastic.” “He’s the only guy I know that can give a 30-minute talk without notes,” he said.
Huckabee, an ordained Southern Baptist minister, kept the audience laughing as he humorously incorporated such lessons as the inevitability of death into his message. He also talked about modern-day tragedies, such as the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  You can listen to his speech here.

“Whether it is expected or not, death is inevitable for all of us,” Huckabee said. “I also know that because of Christ, I will live beyond my lifetime.”

From Dallas Mike Huckabee headed to Tyler Texas where he was greeted by over two hundred fans. Reporters from KTTB interviewed Huckabee while he signed books for his supporters.

KYTX was also on hand and reported:
Shirley Bailey of Tyler cheering, "Go! Go for president!"  She says she's been a Mike Huckabee supporter since the beginning. She read his new book in less than an hour. "It reads like he's talking to you and I like his ideas on securing our borders, that we can't spend what we don't have, that our education system needs to be improved, that our debt is spiraling out of control."
They're topics Bailey said she hopes Huckabee would change if he were president. "Our country needs him desperately to run for president."

From Tyler Huckabee headed to Longview Texas: KLTV reported:
"The main thing I'm looking for is reaction to the message of the book, and as people read it they'll have an impression of whether or not I run they believe this is where America needs to go," he says.

For those 400 supporters who waited hours in line, the visit was about more than a book, but a presidential run.

"I think he's a marvelous man, all his comments and all his beliefs, he's just what it takes," says Jenny Slough, who waited over 5 hours to see Huckabee.

At the end of a long day, Mike Huckabee rode out of Texas and headed east to Shreveport Louisiana where he did one more booksigning. The Shreveport Times reported:
“The book is really an attempt to take a lot of the problems we have in the country and apply a simple common-sense constitutional approach. The original Constitution was 20 pages. The ‘Obamacare’ bill was 2,300 pages. Something has gone wrong and this country’s government is becoming increasingly and unnecessarily complex when it should be limited, local and simple.

“What I’ve tried to do is take big problems and say how we can fix them by applying simple ideas.”
Mike Huckabee showed us while in Israel that he was already awake for the 3 am call and he has shown us here in Texas that he can get a lot of work done in one day. When Mike Huckabee gets to the White House in 2012, we hope he spreads his work ethic around.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mike Huckabee tops monthly GOP National Poll

Although it is bunched up at the top, Mike Huckabee leads PPP's latest monthly GOP National poll.

If the Republican candidates for President in 2012 were Haley Barbour, Mitch Daniels, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, and Mitt Romney who would you vote for?

Mike Huckabee ........................... 18%
Mitt Romney...............................17%
Sarah Palin ..............................16%
Someone else/Undecided..........15%
Newt Gingrich ............................14%
Ron Paul ..................................9%
Tim Pawlenty ..............................5%
Mitch Daniels .............................4%
Haley Barbour..............................1%

PPP surveyed 600 national Republican primary voters from March 10th to 13th. The survey’s margin of error is +/-4.1%.

If Huck doesn't run but Palin still does- Mitt 20, Palin 19, Newt 18, Paul 12

If Palin doesn't run but Huck still does- Huck 22, Newt 20, Mitt 18

If neither Huck nor Palin runs, tie at the top between Mitt and Newt at 24%, Paul in 3rd at 12%

Palin voters without her in the mix- 32% to Huck, 25% to Newt, 10% to Mitt

Huck voters without him in the mix a wash- 21% to Palin, 20% to Newt, 19% to Mitt, 15% to Paul

Without Huck or Palin in- Palin voters go 35% Newt, 19% Mitt and Huck voters go 26% Newt, 23% Mitt

Click here to view the crosstabs.

Mike Huckabee leads GOP field with Positive Intensity

The latest Gallup poll shows Mike Huckabee up on top-leading amongst fellow Republicans who may be running for the 2012 nomination. Mike Huckabee has the most intense following. This corresponds with what Iowa Independent stated in their survey results: His statewide organization was never dismantled. That isn't just in Iowa. State Coordinators and volunteers have been working hard for Mike Huckabee through HuckPAC-organizing for state and local issues, making GOTV phone calls for candidates running in the 2010 mid-term elections. Those supporters have been showing up at the book tour events and are ready to jump in once Huckabee gives the word "go".

These findings are based on Gallup Daily tracking interviews conducted between Feb. 28 and March 13 with more than 1,500 Republicans and Republican-leaning independents nationwide rating each of 12 potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates. Gallup now tracks these candidates' images on a daily basis, and will report aggregated results on on a weekly basis.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mike Huckabee tops Iowa Power Rankings

Iowa Independent listed their 2012 GOP power rankings placing Mike Huckabee at the top of the list, Mitt Romney falls to fourth.  This follows the We Ask America Iowa 2012 Republican Caucus Survey that placed Huckabee at the top and Romney at the bottom of tier one candidates.  Not only does Iowa like Mike Huckabee, they really want him to run.

"Perspectives have been culled from our staff members, additional state political reporters, party activists, academics, elected officials, political consultants and other insiders to create these rankings. While unscientific, the ranks provide insights that cannot be garnered in traditional polling or from any one pundit as to a candidate’s organizational strength in the Hawkeye State.

All those invited to participate are asked to answer one question:   If the Republican caucuses were held tonight, this is how we think it would end:

1.Mike Huckabee — There were two key reasons given repeatedly by our panel for their rankings: Name recognition and proximity to Iowans. The former Arkansas governor who stole the caucus show in 2008 continues to have both. His statewide organization was never dismantled. In fact, many of those who supported Huckabee previously were called into action during the 2010 judicial retention vote in Iowa by former Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats.

“‘I like Mike’ is still the most common line in Iowa,” notes one contributor. “Huck has a strong residual organization in Iowa awaiting his run. [But] organization is not everything, and Huck’s message of small government, return to more traditional cultural norms and optimistic support for the ‘everyman’ remains as or more popular than it was in 2007.”

In contrast, however, another of our panelists warns that “Iowans are notoriously fickle on their support of someone when it comes to caucuses — just ask Tom Vilsack.”

The Huckabee brand remains a force among Iowa Republicans, and only Huckabee himself seems in a position to dismantle it. Nearly 80 percent of our participants believed Huckabee would have a repeat first place performance if the caucuses were held tonight. Half of those in the remaining 20 percent didn’t include Huckabee in their rankings at all due to their belief that he wouldn’t be running."

Click here to read the rest of the rankings.

We Ask America Iowa 2012 Republican Caucus Survey

    * Mike Huckabee 20.33%
    * Sarah Palin 14.12%
    * Newt Gingrich 13.90%
    * Mitt Romney 13.33%
    * Donald Trump 9.04%
    * Ron Paul 4.52%
    * Tim Pawlenty 3.50%
    * Haley Barbour 2.60%
    * Mitch Daniels 1.81%
    * Other 6.10%
    * Uncertain 10.85%

Among Men

    * Mike Huckabee 17.31%
    * Sarah Palin 15.72%
    * Newt Gingrich 14.58%
    * Mitt Romney 12.53%
    * Donald Trump 11.16%
    * Tim Pawlenty 4.78%
    * Ron Paul 4.56%
    * Haley Barbour 2.05%
    * Mitch Daniels 1.59%
    * Other 6.83%
    * Uncertain 8.88%

Among Women

    * Mike Huckabee 23.09%
    * Mitt Romney 14.13%
    * Newt Gingrich 13.23%
    * Sarah Palin 12.56%
    * Donald Trump 6.95%
    * Ron Paul 4.48%
    * Tim Pawlenty 2.24%
    * Haley Barbour 3.14%
    * Mitch Daniels 2.02%
    * Other 5.38%
    * Uncertain 12.78%

Survey of 885 likely Iowa GOP caucus participants was conducted March 10, 2011. The margin of error is ±3.29 percentage points.

H/T The Argo Journal for compilation of data

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mike Huckabee on Wisconsin's newly signed Union Bill

Mike Huckabee sat down with Neil Cavuto and discussed Wisconsin's newly signed Union Bill and the upcoming protest. Democrats refused to do their constitutional duty to vote. Troubling that protest signs were calling it democracy when Democracy is elected representatives going into the chamber to vote. Some of these protesters showed anarchy-breaking windows and chaining doors together and disrupting the orderly flow of government.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mike Huckabee: What Americans do Best is Rise to the Aid of People

Mike Huckabee discusses America's long history of giving during times of world wide disaster. You can always count on the United States' magnificently generous people. The government can bring military assets, logistics, organization, delivery of rescue and recovery. A lot of assistance that we will give will be through charitable organizations.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mike Huckabee would keep Missouri Red, otherwise it could be a Toss Up

In 2008, it was a nail biter between John McCain and Barack Obama: – 0.13 points/3,903 vote difference, McCain 1,445,814  49.36%  Obama 1,441,911  49.23%.  The GOP can ensure that Missouri stays red in 2012 by electing Mike Huckabee as their nominee.

Missouri 2012 Presidential Survey

* Mike Huckabee 49% (49%)
* Barack Obama 43% (42%)

* Mitt Romney 44% (47%)
* Barack Obama 43% (41%)

* Barack Obama 44% (44%)
* Newt Gingrich 44% (45%)

* Barack Obama 48% (46%)
* Sarah Palin 43% (43%)

Among Independents

* Mike Huckabee 49% (49%)
* Barack Obama 35% (37%)

* Mitt Romney 45% (47%)
* Barack Obama 33% (35%)

* Newt Gingrich 41% (43%)
* Barack Obama 39% (41%)

* Barack Obama 43% (45%)
* Sarah Palin 40% (40%)

Among Men

* Mike Huckabee 51% (54%)
* Barack Obama 41% (38%)

* Mitt Romney 47% (52%)
* Barack Obama 40% (36%)

* Newt Gingrich 47% (50%)
* Barack Obama 42% (40%)

* Barack Obama 45% (43%)
* Sarah Palin 44% (48%)

Among Women

* Mike Huckabee 48% (46%)
* Barack Obama 45% (45%)

* Barack Obama 45% (46%)
* Mitt Romney 41% (42%)

* Barack Obama 46% (47%)
* Newt Gingrich 42% (41%)

* Barack Obama 50% (48%)
* Sarah Palin 42% (39%)

Favorable / Unfavorable {Net}

* Mike Huckabee 45% (51%) / 35% (29%) {+10%}
* Mitt Romney 32% (30%) / 44% (42%) {-12%}
* Newt Gingrich 31% (33%) / 50% (48%) {-19%}
* Sarah Palin 37% (39%) / 56% (53%) {-19%}

Among Republicans

* Mike Huckabee 72% (79%) / 14% (11%) {+58%}
* Sarah Palin 67% (69%) / 23% (22%) {+44%}
* Newt Gingrich 55% (60%) / 26% (25%) {+29%}
* Mitt Romney 46% (49%) / 29% (24%) {+17%}

Among Independents

* Mike Huckabee 54% (46%) / 30% (27%) {+24%}
* Mitt Romney 35% (26%) / 41% (39%) {-6%}
* Sarah Palin 34% (35%) / 59% (55%) {-25%}
* Newt Gingrich 28% (27%) / 55% (53%) {-27%}

Among Men

* Mike Huckabee 46% (55%) / 38% (31%) {+8%}
* Mitt Romney 32% (34%) / 49% (42%) {-17%}
* Sarah Palin 36% (44%) / 56% (50%) {-20%}
* Newt Gingrich 32% (36%) / 54% (51%) {-22%}

Among Women

* Mike Huckabee 44% (48%) / 33% (27%) {+11%}
* Mitt Romney 31% (27%) / 39% (42%) {-8%}
* Newt Gingrich 31% (31%) / 47% (46%) {-16%}
* Sarah Palin 38% (36%) / 56% (55%) {-18%}

Survey of 612 Missouri voters was conducted March 3-6, 2011. The margin of error is +/- 4.0 percentage points. Results from the poll conducted November 29 - December 1, 2010 are in parentheses.

H/T The Argo Journal for compilation of data

Romney does worst with the GOP, pulling only 80% and leaving 16% undecided.

“Mike Huckabee is currently outperforming John McCain, but if President Obama faces anyone else, it’ll be another down-to-the-wire finish in Missouri,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich tie for lead in Maine

Mike Huckabee tied at the top of the latest 2012 survey in the most Northeastern state in America: Maine.

2012 Maine GOP Primary Survey

* Newt Gingrich 19% (14%)
* Mike Huckabee 19% (16%)
* Sarah Palin 17% (23%)
* Mitt Romney 15% (18%)
* Ron Paul 8%
* Mitch Daniels 4% (1%)
* Tim Pawlenty 3% (3%)
* Haley Barbour 2%
* Someone else/Undecided 13% (23%)

Among Men

* Newt Gingrich 19% (19%)
* Mike Huckabee 19% (13%)
* Sarah Palin 16% (23%)
* Mitt Romney 13% (17%)
* Ron Paul 11%
* Mitch Daniels 7% (2%)
* Tim Pawlenty 5% (4%)
* Haley Barbour 2%
* Someone else/Undecided 7% (20%)

Among Women

* Newt Gingrich 18% (8%)
* Mitt Romney 18% (19%)
* Sarah Palin 18% (23%)
* Mike Huckabee 18% (18%)
* Ron Paul 5%
* Mitch Daniels 2% (1%)
* Tim Pawlenty 2% (3%)
* Haley Barbour 2%
* Someone else/Undecided 17% (27%)

Favorable / Unfavorable {Net}

* Mike Huckabee 56% / 22% {+34%}
* Newt Gingrich 54% / 24% {+30%}
* Sarah Palin 59% / 33% {+26%}
* Mitt Romney 47% / 31% {+16%}

Among Men

* Newt Gingrich 59% / 25% {+34%}
* Mike Huckabee 58% / 25% {+33%}
* Sarah Palin 63% / 32% {+31%}
* Mitt Romney 46% / 40% {+6%}

Among Women

* Mike Huckabee 54% / 19% {+35%}
* Newt Gingrich 50% / 23% {+27%}
* Mitt Romney 48% / 23% {+25%}
* Sarah Palin 56% / 34% {+22%}

Survey of 434 usual Maine Republican primary voters was conducted March 3-6, 2011. The margin of error is +/- 4.7 percentage points. Political ideology: 38% Very conservative; 38% Somewhat conservative; 19% Moderate; 4% Somewhat liberal; 1% Very liberal. Results from the poll conducted October 26-28, 2010 are in parentheses.

H/T The Argo Journal for compilation of data