Friday, February 11, 2011

Mike Huckabee already Awake for the 3 am call

Much was said about the 3 am ad that Hillary Clinton made regarding Barack Obama's lack of experience for the presidency. As we have watched President Obama and his administration fumble their response not only to the current crisis in Egypt, but their lack of response to last year's uprising in Iran,
the question begs to be asked: Which potential 2012 candidate would be ready to answer that 3 am foreign policy crisis call? Well, we already have an answer. Mike Huckabee was up and ready to respond.

In the Townhall article titled Mike Huckabee's Unanswered Question we learn from Huckabee's two fellow travelers to Israel, Floyd and Mary Beth Brown, how he responded to the Egyptian Crisis and prepared for his 2:30 am Huckabee show taping.

"Spending seven days observing him under stressful and sometimes grueling foreign travel, we observed a man who is unflappable.

On the day of his Fox show he displayed almost superman energy. First he hiked around the top of Herod the Great's 2000 year old mountain fortress Masada, speaking at the summit, and then he lunched on the shores of the Dead Sea, before riding in a bus caravan to Tiberius. Following this long, busy day of travel and speaking, he prepared and delivered a nearly flawless remote broadcast of his hour long show live at 2:30am in the morning. Just as busy the next day, you would never know he had been awake since the middle of the night.

Huckabee's interchanges with Israeli political leaders were warm and intensely informative and he is obviously admired and respected by the leaders we met. His knowledge of details about Israel and the history of Palestine are remarkable.

As an advocate for a robust American policy in the Middle East with Israel as our anchor ally, Gov. Huckabee is an advocate who will protect this important friend of America. Yes, Israel needs America, but America needs Israel."

Mike Huckabee returned to America this week and has been sharing the Israelis' concern with viewers:

Who do you want answering the phone?

Mike Huckabee has shown that he understands the history and complexity of the Middle East. He is not afraid to state one of the problems: Islamic Fundamentalism. He knows America's allies and understands how to delicately handle diplomacy with those countries.

It's 3 am, Mike Huckabee is already up and ready to answer that call.

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