Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mike Huckabee holds wide Lead in Tennessee

Tennessee Republican 2012 Primary Survey

Mike Huckabee   31%
Sarah Palin      17%
Mitt Romney   11%
Newt Gingrich 11%
Ron Paul         10%
Tim Pawlenty    3%
Mitch Daniels    3%
John Thune      1% 
Undecided      14%


Mike Huckabee   74%/13%   +61%
Sarah Palin   67%/23%   +44%
Newt Gingrich   52%/28%  +24%
Mitt Romney   47%/30%    +17%

PPP surveyed 400 usual Tennessee Republican primary voters from February 9th to 13th.  The survey’s margin of error is +/-4.9%.

"We wondered when we started doing these 2012 GOP Presidential polls if Gingrich's potential presence in the race would really hurt Huckabee's strength in the South but that does not seem to be the case. Polls we've conducted over the last three months have now found Huckabee at the top in North Carolina, West Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Missouri, Virginia, and now Tennessee.

Mitt's favorability rating in Tennessee is only 47%, putting him way behind Huckabee's 74%, Palin's 67%, and even Gingrich's 52%. He has hovered right around the 10% mark in a lot of our Southern state polls and just does not seem likely to fare very well in the region next year."

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