Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mike Huckabee: Never yield on the issue of the Sanctity of Human Life

Mike Huckabee spent his Valentines evening talking with pro-life supporters about the need to stand firm on the Life issue. Mike Huckabee was the keynote speaker at the Center for Bioethical Reform fundraiser held at the Knoxville Convention Center.  He was there to help raise money and encourage those who are fighting for the life issue. He was not deterred by either Mitch Daniels' truce statement or the protesters who came to march against the event.

Mike Huckabee got into politics because of the Life issue. He has stayed on message for over a decade.  Mona Nair, a reporter from WATE, posted an article regarding the event where Huckabee stated,
"Life is really precious, life is God's creation. We don't have a right to interrupt a process He has started." 

Protesters did not like the vivid abortion pictures displayed around campus.  The Director of CBR, Fletcher Armstrong said, 
"the goal of CBR is to target 50 major college campuses, about 700,000 students, with their message."

"Our organization goes to campuses and shows them pictures of what the injustices of abortion looks like," said Armstrong.
In regards to the protestors Huckabee said 
"he was happy to see the protesters, because they represent our freedom of speech in America."

When asked if he was going to run in 2012, Huckabee gave a more affirming answer stating,
he is "seriously looking at" running for president again in 2012 and one reason is so he can "elevate the issue of life."

Video courtesy of WATE

Both Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh have gone after Mitch Daniels for his truce statement, emphasizing that we still need to highlight the social conservative issues facing our country.   

Check out this audio at the Right Scoop where Mark Levin  "talks about conservatism and why people like Daniels should embrace all conservatives and not tell them to check their social issues at the door."  Matt Lewis at Politics Daily highlighted Limbaugh's angst with Mitch Daniels' CPAC speech,  "Social conservatives were dissed again at CPAC," said Limbaugh.  "The problem with CPAC," said Limbaugh, is "the principles are now up for grabs."

Well, we won't have that problem with a President Mike Huckabee who is not afraid to stand firm on the hot button political issues facing our country. Mike Huckabee stands on principle and has stated consistently and firmly that "Every human life has intrinsic value and worth."

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