Friday, January 14, 2011

Mike Huckabee in the Happening Now Hot Seat with Jenna Lee

Mike Huckabee sits in the Happening Now Hotseat with Jenna Lee and discusses the following economic issues:

Congress and the Debt ceiling
* Congress needs to stop the spending before they raise the debt ceiling.
Where should the Republican suggest to make cuts and make cuts now?
*An across the board cut of 5 to 10% of everything, every agency has got to go find that.  
* Need to take a longterm look at Medicaid/Medicare.
*Adjustments, make changes at the state level. States have proven their ability to save money, but they can't as long as their hands are tied by the  federal government.
* Bureaucratic nightmare for small businesses.
* Repeal is better than tinkering with healthcare.
* Repeal will pass in the House but tougher battle in the Senate.

Budget Problems with the States:  Would you give the states a bailout? 
*A bailout for the states would be the biggest mistake of all because it perpetuates the problem. States are in trouble because there is a structural issue that needs to be addressed. States basically do 3 things: educate, medicate and incarcerate. In most states, that represents 90% of state budgets. 

Which poses 3 questions?

* How do you control the cost of education without losing the quality? 
* How do you reign in the cost of medicaid which is even a bigger cost that medicare?
* What can we do in our correction system so that we do not try to incarcerate ourselves out of the crime problem?
*The last thing the states need is a federal mandate telling them what they must do.

What is the first thing that you would do as President? What is the first topic that you would tackle? 
*Tackle the economic structure of how we tax and how we do our spending.
*Discusses the pluses of the FAIRTAX-productivity kind of environment.

What about a decision on a Presidential run? 
*It will come later than earlier.

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