Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mike Huckabee talks 2012 with Alan Colmes

Gov. Huckabee sat in on the Alan Colmes radio show and discussed the 2012 race. Huckabee once again is honest in his assessment of whether or not he will run in 2012.

* The one nice thing whether I should decide to run or not is that more people at least would know me by what I actually believe or say as opposed to what my opponent has defined me to be and that is kinda encouraging.  If I would have had that opportunity four years ago, things might have turned out differently.
* I see this process for me being much later than earlier.
* I need to see what the field is... I honestly might evaluate and see a person who has a better chance at being elected than me... There are a number of very qualified, capable people who could carry the banner for the Republicans.
* I love the retail end of politics.  I hate the glad handing for money.  I love talking to people who aren't necessarily the ones who can write the big checks.
* My own decision will be based on something within myself.  Similiar to when I ran marathons in the past.  My Race, My Pace 

On July 4, 2006, Gov. Huckabee ran in the Little Rock Marathon.  His number was 2008.  By coincidence, the guy running behind him wore a T-shirt that said Grass Roots.

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