Friday, November 19, 2010

Gov. Huckabee in Foxnews' 12 in 2012 series

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On the Social Issues Truce:

"I don't want us to ever forget that. Those are issues that do matter. They matter because they're somewhat the underpinning of what we are, as a people, a civilization," he said.

On Huckabee's Record in Arkansas:

"One of the things that was most frustrating to me during the last presidential race was this attack that, well, Huckabee, he's just a big government guy. No, I wasn't, but I governed in a state where we had to balance the budget and we had to comply with such things as our Constitution, that mandated an equitable and adequate education for every student. I inherited the road system that had to be rehabilitated," he said.  "I also believe that as important as it is to keep taxes low, it's also important to pay for what you do. I don't believe in deficit spending," he said.

On Obamacare:

Huckabee said the biggest mistake of the health care law signed by President Obama is the "mystical magic" it claimed would be able to add 32 million people into the system while cutting half a trillion dollars to pay for it, "obliterating the payments to the providers and somehow coming up with a system that's supposed to work better and make everybody happy. That's crazy...I would repeal it if you could.  I don't think its realistic that you can repeal it as long as Obama is president cause he could veto it. You could surgically go after provisions"

On Nation Building

"I think it's how we're going to view our role in the world -- whether we are going to be the world's policeman and patrol every street and every country, or whether we're going to focus on securing our own borders and protecting Americans both here and abroad from attack."

On Clemmons Case

"I was making it based on the case of a 16-year-old black male who was given 108 years, which was far more of a sentence for a robbery than most people would get for murder. There was a whole string of things that went wrong in the case of Maurice Clemmons. He went back to prison after his parole and he should've stayed there. But later, both Washington state and my successor messed up the paperwork, and he wasn't held," he said.

On Republican Nomination Process:

"It's a whole lot more about the money than it is the message.  And so, because it's more process-focused than policy-focused, we end up not necessarily giving attention to the people with the best ideas, but giving attention to the people with the machinery and the money -- even if their message doesn't even sell."

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