Friday, April 15, 2011

Donald Trump Likes Mike Huckabee

Donald Trump recently sat down with Hannity to discuss 2012 and Trump let it be known that he likes Mike. Will Trump run or will he end up endorsing Mike Huckabee? Of course, Hannity cut him off before the answer was made clear.

Recently Mike Huckabee met with Donald Trump in NYC. According to Politico:
It's unclear what the two discussed, but sources familiar with the get-together suggested the meeting was part of Huckabee's recent listening tour with donors, since Trump would be a useful supporter if he himself doesn't run for president, as he's flirting with doing right now. However, Trump has made increasingly clear to people around him that he's seriously weighing getting in — and Huckabee clearly walked away with the same impression.

Huckabee said their meeting came after Trump had praised Huckabee on a talk show, and that a "mutual friend" set it up.

"We just had a very honest and open conversation about the process of running. ..."

Donald Trump has stated positive remarks about Huckabee before. In a recent ABC interview, Trump stated that Mike Huckabee could get a lot of votes and again, that he likes Mike.

Perhaps Donald Trump will help Mike Huckabee raise the millions of dollars needed to beat Barack Obama in 2012.

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