Friday, February 10, 2012

Mike Huckabee gives his best speech yet at CPAC

Mike Huckabee continues to show the GOP what they are missing this campaign season-a conservative who has walked the walk and who can communicate with voters across America.

Listening to the Michael Medved radio show today, he described today's CPAC speeches stating that Huckabee's speech was phenomenal and Mike Huckabee gave his best speech yet.

See for yourself:

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"Thanks to President Obama, We are all Catholics now, standing together."

"Let me be very blunt with you and whether this is a popular sentiment at CPAC or not, I don't care...I am going to say it anyway...One of the things that the President has shown us this week is that morality matters even more than money does because where there is a nation that's lost it's morals, that is a nation that will freely give up it's money. Because if we give up the basic right to life, we will certainly give up what is in our pockets. Let us never act as if somehow our liberties under the constitution of the United States don't matter. If we lose those, money won't matter"

"All of us are created equal, and then endowed not by our government, but by our creator with unalienable rights. Unalienable meaning they cannot be taken away from us by a government because a government did not give them to us in the first place. A Creator gave us the rights and government's only job is to secure and protect the rights given by God."

"When we devalue a life that is unborn, we ultimately will devalue a life that is born."

"We need to unite for principal and for liberty."

Yes, I still Like Mike Huckabee for 2012.

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