Sunday, January 15, 2012

Videos of Mike Huckabee Forum 2 South Carolina Undecided

Mike Huckabee hosted another successful presidential forum that has received rave reviews throughout the twittersphere (#huckforum). Candidates were given questions by undecided voters of South Carolina. In their response they were asked not to mention other GOP candidates by name in any negative way. Instead they were to focus on their own records so voters could base their decisions on individual platforms rather than personal attacks.

Mitt Romney

Jon Huntsman

Newt Gingrich

Rick Santorum

Rick Perry

Final statements from all 5 GOP Presidential candidates

Mike Huckabee's analysis of his South Carolina GOP forum

Are you still undecided? Do you think that Mike Huckabee would have run a better campaign than those currently running? Do you think that any of these candidates can beat President Obama in November's general election?

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