Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tebow Mania: Mike Huckabee interviews Tim Tebow

Tebow Mania has taken the country by storm. Everyone seems to be writing about him and giving their perspective on his football skills, his faith, and his ability to help the Denver Broncos win.

In light of all that, it seems the perfect time to post Mike Huckabee's  June interview with Tim Tebow where they discussed Tebow's book Through My Eyes.

I find Tim Tebow to be a great role model, not only for kids, but for anyone who is part of a team. I like how Tebow always gives credit to his teammates and emphasizes some of their winning plays on the field.

Secularists are running scared because Tebow is not afraid to talk about his love for Christ. But they don't realize that God's kingdom has room for everyone to be part of the team. Tim Tebow knows how the ultimate game ends. And that's why he always gives God the glory.

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