Friday, December 2, 2011

Mike Huckabee will Host Republican Presidential Forum

Don't forget to tune into an extended Huckabee Show Saturday night at 8 pm ET where Mike Huckabee will host the Republican Presidential Forum: #huckforum

"Just a reminder: This Saturday from 8-10pm ET, my show will have a 2 hour special featuring the GOP Presidential candidates---all of whom are going to be posed questions not by media "stars" but by GOP Attorneys General Scott Pruitt of Oklahoma, Pam Bondi of Florida, and Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia; I will moderate. The candidates all get the exact same amount of time; the order in which they answer questions is determined by a random drawing and not by arbitrary decisions of "king maker" moderators.

The candidates will appear singularly on stage and are not allowed to discuss or attack other candidates, but must stick to questions which will focus on the federal/state relations of immigration, education, jobs, Obamacare, etc. It will be a very unique format and substantive---no "gotcha" stuff. I encourage you to tune in and please let your friends and family know about the debate as well."

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