Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stephen Colbert re-titles Mike Huckabee's book: I am Running!

Mike Huckabee was a guest on the Colbert Report and acknowledged that Stephen Colbert gave him the Colbert Bump. Colbert went on to rename Huckabee's new book and states that,  "You are clearly running for president. This is a Tea Party book. A government conservative, small government Republican book."

Colbert acknowledged that the social conservatives were sent to the back of the bus at this year's CPAC. Colbert asks, "Are the social conservatives going to be given a seat at the table if they can get the table on the bus?" Mike Huckabee goes on to explain that "social conservatives are also fiscal conservatives. If you were to poll the tea party, you would find that while the economic issues are front and center- because its like the house on fire the one that is on fire is the one you pay attention to not the one with termites even though the termites may be something you have to deal with. That's what is happening with the economic issues."

"14-15 million Americans don't have jobs. That has to be the primary interest of anybody running for president."

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