Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Mike Huckabee Radio Show Debuts April 9th

Mike Huckabee is expanding his time on the air. He debuts a new radio show Monday April 9th through the Cumulus media network. The show will air weekdays from 12-3 ET in over 200 markets.

Mike Huckabee who has a knack for being conservative but not being angry about it, will discuss topics in a conversational way rather than being confrontational. “I don’t want it to be a show that every day, every hour, pushes everyone’s buttons to raise their blood pressure,” Huckabee says. “I figure the cost of high blood pressure is enough already.”

Huckabee will engage his listeners in the most important topics of the day including a heavy dose of politics.

To contact the Mike Huckabee radio show to talk with Mike call: 855-840-HUCK

To find the closest station in your listening area click here.

To view the promotional video for Mike Huckabee's new show, click here

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