Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Huckabee remains classy when asked about Romney, Bush's and Palin

Gov. Huckabee was on Laura Ingraham's radio show today to discuss his Christmas Book and current political events.  While they discussed the Dream Act and Congressional spending, bloggers seem to be focused on only part of the conversation.

Laura brings up that Huckabee is at the top of the polls and wonders if he is going to run.  Huckabee redirects Laura back to congress focusing on the Bush Tax cuts but Laura wants to know Huckabee's thoughts on former President Bush 41 and Barbara Bush.  Laura Ingraham even phrased it stating Bush 41 mentions Romney but not you.

In his response, Huckabee never mentions Romney.  Huckabee does state that:

Barbara Bush-I love her, respect her, but don't agree with her, and in that case I did not agree with her, I am not going to be critical of her,  she has earned her right to speak her mind.

George H.W. Bush-41 is one of the most classy individuals ever, served this country magnificently in many many roles.

Huckabee does say that the Bush's never supported him, that they did not want him to be president, and that he was never on their radar screen.

Then Huckabee shows his class by stating, Just because they don't speak highly of me, doesn't mean I need to speak poorly of them.

But as always, the blogosphere is already skewering their write up on this.  Laura Ingraham's website earlier today said "Mike Huckabee takes swipes at the Bush’s, Romney", and now it says Huckabee slams the elites.

If you take the time to actually listen to this interview, you will see that Huckabee does not slam them, but stands up for himself.

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