Monday, March 28, 2011

Mike Huckabee and Van Jones Share Stage at Student Summit

Mike Huckabee and Van Jones shared Summit stage.

Mike Huckabee has his finger on the pulse of America. How does he do it? By being willing to engage in all environments, willing to speak about core issues that are important to him, and reaching out to citizens who may disagree with him on these issues. Huckabee did just that on Sunday speaking as a guest panelist at the State of the Student Summit in Florida. He shared the stage with Van Jones-someone whose policy ideas Mike Huckabee has spoken out against on his Huckabee show. But the exchange was cordial-with both panelists debating without attacking one another.

What might have been just as interesting is what happened off stage with the students. Twitter was fast paced with questions directed to the moderator in hopes of that question being asked on stage. Tweets about what the panelists stated were fast and furious. Huckabee received admiration from students for sticking to his beliefs, defending his role at Fox News, and maintaining a calm demeanor during the discussion. Check out some of the student tweets:

brothaben Benjamin Evans III
@GovMikeHuckabee actually changed my views on him at the #studentsummit ... not all republicans are right and not all democrats are wrong!

JGood863 Jaronn Goodman
"You need to be an employer not an employee when it comes to the government" -Gov. Huckabee #StudentSummit

Bridge_JoQuita Bridge_JoQuita
Yes Huckabee! @studentsummit #studentsummit

5Alarms A. Galloway
As I said before I don't necessarily agree with Huckabee but I respect him #studentsummit

ChocolatBabiii kiana shackelford
Huckbee cool with me #studentsummit

NardoFaSho Kenard Stevens
Mike Huckabee is the realist person on the panel #StudentSummit

spankinstephiee Stephanie Smalling
Huckabee just grilled those people that make comments and don't put their face & name behind it! I agree! #studentsummit

JLOVE88AD Jasmine Davis
Mike Huckabee if u have somethin to say, dnt hide behind a blog show yo face! #studentsummit

LaBelleSimone Chelsea S. Herron
I agree!!! "Stand up or shut up!" - Gov. Huckabee #StudentSummit

LeenBean_ Beans.
Much respect to Gov Huckabee for being an honest man. #studentsummit

EtiologyOfRich Richard Melson, Jr.
Go Gov. Hucklebee #studentsummit The moderators arguments has just bottomed out

AmyDerringer Amy Leigh Derringer
Thank you @govmikehuckabee. Much respect. #studentsummit

5Alarms A. Galloway
I may disagree with Huckabee but he knows how to defend his position therefore he gets my respect #studentsummit

B3autifulBliss Christina W.
RT @iAMNels1 Huckabee is winning the crowd over!!! Watch out Obama! Jk jk jk #studentsummit

Bridge_JoQuita Bridge_JoQuita
Huckabee has a lot of valid points @studentsummit #studentsummit

fsukd Samantha Harper
I love @govmikehuckabee and @foxnews #studentsummit

LeenBean_ Beans.
RT @Ambz32: Mike Huckabee's words are speaking volumes right now #studentsummit

JLOVE88AD Jasmine Davis
Mike Huckabee gets my support! Politicians care about voters, not the ppl that gripe and complain and chose not to vote to change it

larae9411 LaRae Donnellan
#studentsummit Huckabee says politicians don't respond to citizens but to voters. Maybe true but very sad. Who responds to the powerless?

TimStrawFSU Tim Chalumeau
Mike Huckabee may be Republican but I respect his opinions #enlightened

rattlersteve Stephen Okon
Man gov huckabee spoke so much truth jus now. People really needed to really listen to him

jshaw929 Jessica Shaw
I Like this huckabee dude @ #studentsummit Right on huckabee! y he didn't win his presidential race

JGood863 Jaronn Goodman
Gov. Huckabee is a wise man #StudentSummit

savetheBULLshxt tenacious dei
Huckabee spoke the truth ,, we won't succeed if we're tryin to make others fail all the time .

ONLY1_Khin Khin♡
"We get into the game of winning or losing, and we don't solve the problems." -Mike Huckabee #studentsummit

KrysieDee Krystal Smith
Mike Huckabee for President!!!

breezym26 Betty Marcelin
First in my family to go to college and I wish one day I can make outstanding changes for my family just like Huckabee #StudentSummit!

_thecableguy Larry Bowden
Even though im a democrat it's still cool to see Mike Huckabee at #StateoftheStudentSummit11

Precision_Hawk TayVon Hawkins
Have a safe flight Governor Huckabee and thanks for coming to the #studentsummit

Mike Huckabee is aware of the new technology and how it can affect a political campaign. Mike Huckabee uses twitter as well and retweeted Van Jones tweet:  

VanJones68 Van Jones
by GovMikeHuckabee
.@GovMikeHuckabee made me proud tonight 2B fellow person of faith + fellow patriot. We disagreed respectfully. The American way! #tcot #p2

Now he might get a lot of grief from far right bloggers and radio hosts, but this goes to the strength of Mike Huckabee's candidacy for president.  Mike Huckabee will listen to all sides of the story, bring in both Democrats and Republicans to hash out ideas for policy solutions.  Mike Huckabee would be a President to All Americans.  Not just those that agree with him.


  1. Very impressed by the comments left after the summit for Huckabee. One reason I respect and support him is because of his interaction with minority groups and is open to dialog with civil discourse. He is a statesman, not a politician, and a man I can trust.

  2. Wish I could have been there to see it. Twitter is the next best thing!

  3. Mike Huckabee is the man! I don't think he has ever lost a debate!

  4. When I hear someone talk about President Obama or Sarah Palin or any other politician being a good debater, I just laugh quietly to myself. None of them can hold a candle to Mike Huckabee and he does it in such a manner that it would be hard for his opponent to get mad at him. It was actually fun to watch him in the debates in 2008.

    One of the things that I admire most about Huckabee is his willingness to visit what most conservatives would consider hostile forums and defend their beliefs and positions on the issues. Not very many people, politicians or not, are willing to do that.

  5. What a wonderful man! I admire Gov. Huckabee for his integrity and how he treats people with respect. They don't feel put down, even though he disagrees and often out-debates them. This is just the type of person our country desperately needs now for President, to bring us together and find sensible solutions to our problems.

  6. Mike Huckabee is the only conservative presidential candidate that is engaging the next generation and is winning them over. Mike Huckabee just makes more sense than the logic of liberalism.

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