Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mike Huckabee hosts wildly successful Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day

Hats off to Mike Huckabee for showing the liberal left that America still stands for the First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech.   Twitter, Facebook and numerous websites were busy posting picture after picture of happy customers willing to wait in long lines to support Chick-fil-A.

It all began when Dan Cathy, President of Chick-fil-A, had his words twisted and taken out of context.  What did he say?  Dan Cathy said "guilty as charged" for believing in the traditional family. Liberal mayors in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington DC declared that Chick-fil-A would be prevented from opening up restaurants in their city. Why? All because the Chick-fil-A president supports the biblical definition of the family unit: marriage between a man and a woman.  There are no reports anywhere of Chick-fil-A being biased against or harassing gay customers or gay employees. Yet the liberal left wanted Chick-fil-A boycotted.

Mike Huckabee started up a Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day Facebook page inviting people to support Chick-fil-A on August 1st.  After receiving thousands of likes on his invite, Facebook took down the page.  Mike Huckabee asked why it was removed and magically, 12 hours later, the Facebook page reappeared. Was Facebook trying to censor Mike Huckabee?

Chick-fil-A is a successful family owned company that has a history of espousing Christian values and treating its employees, customers and communities with the highest respect. The assault by the liberal left has led thousands across America to affirm Chick-fil-A. Some are doing it in support of First Amendment rights. Some are doing it in support of traditional marriage. Americans, even if they do not agree with Dan Cathy's stance on biblical marriage, are showing the liberal left that one cannot bully companies into submission.  America is still the land of the free- freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom for companies to invest in markets. And the home of the brave- sticking to your personal, moral convictions, staying closed on Sunday so families can worship and have a sabbath day of rest, and letting America know that they need God. 

God bless the employees who worked so hard today serving a record number of customers. God bless the suppliers who delivered the incredible number of menu ingredients and paper supplies needed on this day. 

And a special thanks to Mike Huckabee for being the Somebody who did the Something. We are all grateful for your courage to step up and support Chick-fil-A and our First Amendment rights. It's not too late to RSVP to Mike Huckabee's invitation

Friday, July 20, 2012

Choose Cruz: Mike Huckabee backed the wrong candidate

What was Mike Huckabee thinking when he endorsed David Dewhurst for Texas Senate? When you look across the country at the recent additions to the Senate and the House, you see bold freshmen who have a history and philosophy of fiscal restraint, limited government, and protecting the Constitution. You do not see a lot of 3 term Lt. Governors with a history of blocking conservative bills, being endorsed to go to Washington DC. Perhaps the Dewhurst endorsement was due to a longtime friendship.

As someone who has a lot of respect for Mike Huckabee and made thousands of phone calls for Huckabee for President in 2008 and for some HuckPAC candidates, I have not always agreed with who Huckabee endorses. Take Donald Young in Alaska, Andre Bauer in South Carolina and now David Dewhurst in Texas. Mike Huckabee was against candidates who could bankroll their own campaigns and instead felt that campaigns should be funded by people who trusted in the candidate. Then why not choose Cruz? Ted Cruz has an enormous level of grassroots support: 48,000 donations under $250 compared to Dewhurst's 4,000. Independently wealthy David Dewhurst has donated $11 million dollars to his own campaign. Ted Cruz has donated $800,000.  I was one of those grassroots supporters who donated under $250 hoping to make a difference. Thousands like me were successful in helping Ted Cruz, who has now raised more money than Dewhurst. All of these numbers add up to show that Huckabee miscalculated and backed the wrong guy.

In the 2008 GOP Presidential race, Mike Huckabee championed the FairTax, but in our Texas Senate race, Huckabee endorsed Dewhurst who does NOT support the FairTax. Huckabee's belief in the FairTax should have led him to endorse Cruz who stated that he will co-sponsor the FairTax. In a 2011 blogger conference call that I participated in, Huckabee talked about building support for the FairTax by taking the concept directly to the people who would in turn create a groundswell of support and ask their representatives to bring forth a FairTax bill. How can that be achieved with Dewhurst who was head of the Texas Senate? He never discussed the FairTax with the voters nor did he encourage it to be brought to the senate floor.  Last year Huckabee went before the House Ways and Means Committee stating: "we must work together to elect another record number of candidates to Congress (House and Senate) next year who support the Fair Tax or who are willing to learn more about it and a Republican President who will sign this legislation." Looks like Huckabee forgot about his FairTax call to arms. Texas already has supporters who co-sponsored FairTax Bill H.R.25: Senator John Cornyn and Texas House members: John Carter, Michael Conaway, John Culberson, Blake Farenthood, Michael McCaul, Randy Neugebauer, Pete Olson, Ted Poe, and Mac Thornberry. Ted Cruz as a Senator, would be standing alongside these FairTax fighters. Dewhurst would not.

Mike Huckabee is a religious guy who believes America was founded on Judeo-Christian values. Those values and our rights to Freedom of Religion have been trampled on by a secular society who wants to remove God from the public square. The atheists will continue to wage war on those who hold biblical beliefs; we need a fighter in the US Senate who has a proven track record of winning to counter these atheist attacks. Ted Cruz successfully took up the cause of over 3 million Veterans in defending their right to honor those who had fallen in combat with the Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial which is in the shape of a Cross. Ted Cruz successfully defended the words “under God” in the Texas Pledge of Allegiance, and effectively defended the constitutionality of the Texas Ten Commandments monument. With those successes, we need Ted Cruz to fight for our Religious Liberty.

In 2008, Mike Huckabee got slack from conservatives for his approach to illegal immigration. While Huckabee is a strong supporter of border security and Legal immigration, he was honest with voters about how we should treat children of illegals and even illegals themselves, stating that they should not be made to feel like they have to hide in the shadows. With Huckabee’s courage to stand by his convictions, why would he support David Dewhurst who supports amnesty and recently scrubbed a 2007 speech he gave from his official Lt. Governor website?  Ted Cruz, on the other hand, is against amnesty, has fought to strengthen and secure our borders, and championed efforts to enforce laws punishing illegal felons. Seems like Huckabee would like Ted Cruz's honest, forthright approach instead .

Ted Cruz is a fresh voice that voters can trust to stand up for Liberty, defend the Constitution, support the FairTax and work to reform and enact a Legal immigration program. Ted Cruz is a solid, conservative who stands by his convictions despite the costs, and will not compromise once inside Washington.

So once again, I am putting on my campaign volunteer hat and helping elect a candidate that will make for a better America. I hope you will vote for Ted Cruz in the July 31st run-off. Wish Huckabee would admit he backed the wrong candidate, and get on the Cruz bandwagon.

Visit or click to learn more about Ted Cruz's position on these issues:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Mike Huckabee Radio Show Debuts April 9th

Mike Huckabee is expanding his time on the air. He debuts a new radio show Monday April 9th through the Cumulus media network. The show will air weekdays from 12-3 ET in over 200 markets.

Mike Huckabee who has a knack for being conservative but not being angry about it, will discuss topics in a conversational way rather than being confrontational. “I don’t want it to be a show that every day, every hour, pushes everyone’s buttons to raise their blood pressure,” Huckabee says. “I figure the cost of high blood pressure is enough already.”

Huckabee will engage his listeners in the most important topics of the day including a heavy dose of politics.

To contact the Mike Huckabee radio show to talk with Mike call: 855-840-HUCK

To find the closest station in your listening area click here.

To view the promotional video for Mike Huckabee's new show, click here

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Videos of Mike Huckabee GOP Forum 3: Jobs Ohio

Mike Huckabee held another successful GOP presidential forum with the focus this time on jobs and the economy. Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum were each given an equal amount of time to answer questions by both professionals in the economic field and by local Wilmington Ohio residents. Criticism was rampant on twitter (#huckforum) for the first time regarding Huckabee's forum as supporters noted that candidates were not asked the same questions nor were they each given follow up questions. 

Watch the videos yourself and decide if any candidate was given softball questions. My theory is that for those candidates that were given the tougher questions, it opened the door for them to reach voters with their thoughtful, well spoken answers. Without those more imploring questions, voters may not have realized their depth of knowledge on the issues.

Newt Gingrich:

Newt Gingrich:

Newt Gingrich:

Mitt Romney:

Mitt Romney:

Mitt Romney:

Rick Santorum:

Rick Santorum:

Rick Santorum:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

UPDATED: Mike Huckabee to Host Pre Super Tuesday GOP Forum

Mike Huckabee will continue with his successful GOP Presidential Forums by hosting one on Saturday March 3rd, right before Super Tuesday, in Wilmington Ohio. GOP presidential candidates include Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.

Guest debate moderators will be Elaine Chao, Charlie Gasparino, and Peter Schiff . The focus of this forum will be jobs, the economy and each candidate's economic platform.

This forum will be taped earlier in the day and air during an extended Huckabee Show from 8-10 pm ET.

Check back for more information regarding submission of questions and #hashtag for tweeting.  

Update:  #Huckforum is the twitter hashtag.  

Here is a picture that the Huckabee Show tweeted regarding rehearsing with three local Ohioans for the forum:

For those of you who do not have cable tv, you can watch a livestream of the forum here

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mike Huckabee gives his best speech yet at CPAC

Mike Huckabee continues to show the GOP what they are missing this campaign season-a conservative who has walked the walk and who can communicate with voters across America.

Listening to the Michael Medved radio show today, he described today's CPAC speeches stating that Huckabee's speech was phenomenal and Mike Huckabee gave his best speech yet.

See for yourself:

video platform video management video solutions video player

"Thanks to President Obama, We are all Catholics now, standing together."

"Let me be very blunt with you and whether this is a popular sentiment at CPAC or not, I don't care...I am going to say it anyway...One of the things that the President has shown us this week is that morality matters even more than money does because where there is a nation that's lost it's morals, that is a nation that will freely give up it's money. Because if we give up the basic right to life, we will certainly give up what is in our pockets. Let us never act as if somehow our liberties under the constitution of the United States don't matter. If we lose those, money won't matter"

"All of us are created equal, and then endowed not by our government, but by our creator with unalienable rights. Unalienable meaning they cannot be taken away from us by a government because a government did not give them to us in the first place. A Creator gave us the rights and government's only job is to secure and protect the rights given by God."

"When we devalue a life that is unborn, we ultimately will devalue a life that is born."

"We need to unite for principal and for liberty."

Yes, I still Like Mike Huckabee for 2012.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Videos of Mike Huckabee Forum 2 South Carolina Undecided

Mike Huckabee hosted another successful presidential forum that has received rave reviews throughout the twittersphere (#huckforum). Candidates were given questions by undecided voters of South Carolina. In their response they were asked not to mention other GOP candidates by name in any negative way. Instead they were to focus on their own records so voters could base their decisions on individual platforms rather than personal attacks.

Mitt Romney

Jon Huntsman

Newt Gingrich

Rick Santorum

Rick Perry

Final statements from all 5 GOP Presidential candidates

Mike Huckabee's analysis of his South Carolina GOP forum

Are you still undecided? Do you think that Mike Huckabee would have run a better campaign than those currently running? Do you think that any of these candidates can beat President Obama in November's general election?